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fan through the back
Fan through back
8 Brocades - Simplified, intermediate
and advanced

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1) Lifting the sky
2) Pulling the bow
3) Single arm lift
4) Turning the head
5) Dog wags it's tail
6) Holding the toes
7) Punch with eye's glaring
8) Shake illness from the body

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8 Brocades
The 8 Brocades are one of the most popular and well known sets of chi gong exercises used. The eight brocade simply means eight strands of silk or eight panels of silk. The eight brocade name comes form the fact that the exercise routines were embroidered in silk on eight silk panels, embroidering of such a thing was commonplace amongst the Chinese population of both genders.

The eight brocade exercises are said to have health benefits if they are practice regularly with honesty and conviction:

8 brocade health benefits
1) Lifting the sky - Promotes correct posture, help to keep the back and neck correctly aligned, improves breath power/energy through deep breathing to circulating lung chi, exercise the diaphragm and massage the internal organs, relaxation, stretches the upper body, arms and legs.
2) Pulling the bow - Improves blood circulation and promotes healthy chi circulation throughout the chest shoulders and arms, this can bring strength and health to the arms shoulders and chest.
3) Single arm lift - Balances the digestive system and promotes correct chi movement in the liver, gallbladder, stomach and spleen meridians.
4) Looking backwards - Relaxes and strengthens the neck, exercises the eyes and balances the liver/gallbladder meridians.
5) Head shaking and buttock swaying (dog wag's it tail) - Relaxes the whole body and brings health to the kidney and unitary bladder meridians.
6) Holding the toes - Relaxes and strengthens the waist promoting positive chi flow within the kidneys to loosen and strengthen the back.
7) Fist thrusting with a angry glare - Good for concentration and to strengthen the energy of the body, also a way to let go of anger and frustration.
8) Heel lifting and shaking the body - Shakes illness out of the body and promote deep relaxation.

The 8 brocades are always practiced facing one direction (usually north)
The reason why the starting and ending direction for tai chi and chi gong is north is because the energy of yin chi, female or water chi flows from a northerly direction and has an affect on the basic yuan chi or constitutional chi that accumulates throughout the body from the moment of conception. This chi we receive from our parents and is on a decline from the moment of birth. Tai chi and chi gong are believed to slow and strengthen this yin chi energy to prolong youthfulness and life.
The film shows the 8 Brocades practiced in beautiful settings from different angles so that the person practicing the 8 brocades with the film will get a idea of the correct posture and form form different perspectives. This allows the student to gain a more in-depth understanding of the flow of the movements and how the 8 brocade are correctly practiced. The film also gives the practitioner an insight into the therapeutic effects of the 8 brocades.

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