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Play the pipa:
Standing in a front bow stance lean your weight gently forwards, lifting the back foot up (shin heel kick) place most of your balanced weight onto the supporting leg through the foot. Move both hands outwards in small circles bringing them back to a position as if you are holding another persons arm in front and centre of the body in-between your hands. Roll your weight back gently landing onto the back foot at the same time as the body weight moves back bring the pipa hands out to the front and allow the toes of the front foot to lift off the ground with approximately 70% weight on the back foot 30% on through the heel of the front foot.

Relax the mind and body in quiet contemplation for at least 5 minutes a day whilst standing in play the pipa form to help overcome anger and sudden outbursts of anger, the type of anger that if left unchecked can lead to violence to youself (internal anger) and other people. This posture can also help to bring relief to foot and calf muscle cramps when the mind is focused to relax the foot and calf muscles on the empty side.

Possible form healing qualities:
Cramps, migraine, rib pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, heel pain, neck problems, period pains and menstrual dysfunctions.

Therapy use:
Step slowly with abdominal breath from one side to the other 9 to 300 times in a session, then use as a standing meditation applying the meditation techniques used in starting form.

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